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Postponed due to the heat
We were unable to dig at Himley. The gorgeous hot weather meant the soil was far too hard to dig. We still have some work to do there so perhaps we can go back towards the end of this year or in spring 2019. Please try to come when we go there, without enough diggers we cannot do test pits. Please check this website for updates.
WAG Activities
Meetings and Activities Digs
We shall be digging at Himley in April through May, probably starting on April 8th. We shall also be at Wrottesley and at the Moat Project. Details of individual digs will appear below. News from last dig

Next dig 14/9/18 Wrottesley
16/9/18 Wrottesley
11/08/2018 Field Trip. Wall and Wroxeter. There may be a guided tour of this site by Mike Hodder on Oct 13th so please check this website for more details.
Next meeting 18/09/2018 Craig Denston. A ghost walk.
Come at see us at:
The Albrighton Moat Project Open Day on 01/07/18. You missed a good day out here! but we shall go back in September to do a geophysical survey of the island.
Perton History Fair on 06/10/18
Molyneux History Fair on 10/11/18
Staffordshire Egyptology Society next meeting,
03/10/2018 Trish Hall. Walk like an Egyptian.

At Staffordshire County Staff Club, 77 Eastgate St. 7:45pm. For more details please click on Sister Societies below.
Want to give archaeology a try?
Do you like history?
Would you like to discover how your ancestors lived?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes then why not come along and join us? Whether you are skilled in archaeology, a total novice, just interested, or enjoy research, we would love to meet you. We can take you back in time over 6000 years!
We are based in Wolverhampton and have been actively engaged in local archaeology for 18 years.
Amongst our skills, we have the ability to conduct small open excavations, conduct test pit projects, carry out resistivity and magnetometer surveys, plan and record sites and we also carry out pseudosection jumps. Just have a look at some of our projects on the web page.
If you are not the outdoor type, we also do research and produce mini desk top surveys using information from local historical environment records offices, local archive offices, aerial images and Lidar surveys. Another indoor activity we perform is to give talks to other interested societies and schools usually by PowerPoint presentation. Maybe you like meeting people and talking to them?
Would you like to fly a drone?

We have recently acquired a dual camera drone and are looking to enhance our projects with flyovers and also discover new sites.
Every month at City of Wolverhampton College, we have an experienced speaker coming to tell us about an archaeology related subject. In fact recently, several of our speakers have been featured on TV. We have field trips several times a year to interesting and exciting places of importance or special exhibitions.
For £20 per year you will get free access to all of our talks and when on site you will be insured against injury and damage. We provide all of the digging and working tools so you donít have to buy anything. All we ask is that you arrange your own anti tetanus vaccinations. What have you got to lose?
Come along, bring a friend too and give it a try or contact any of the group members listed. We really would like to meet you whether you are 14 or 80 years old!

A brief history of WAG

We are the only archaeology group in the Wolverhampton area which has been trained by a professional archaeologist. We can offer geophysical surveys, open excavations (depending on location) and test pits. We like to say we can do everything that Time Team did but on a smaller scale.

In the years leading up to 2000, at least 10 of us were taking part in a fieldwork archaeology course. We were trained by a professional archaeologist up to site director level. We had theory lessons in the week and put those into practice at a dig in Gerrards Bromley.

In 2000 the government withdrew funding for lifelong learning so the course closed. We did not! We formed WAG and continued to do archaeology.

By 2011 we had published 31 reports, most of those describing open excavations (test pits had not been invented at that time).

In 2011 Mick Aston taught us how to do test pits on a Time Team dig. That enabled us to investigate the public area at Himley Hall where we found the church belonging to the previous Hall and an earlier church dated from an encaustic tile to the late 13th to early 14th century. Further test pits allowed us to study the extent and nature of the medieval and post medieval Village.

So far, we have written 38 reports and these may be read by selecting the header 'WAG projects' in the panel to the left.
Carole Griffith's Archaeology for Schools classes.
Our Sister Societies
Help. Do you know this church furniture? Please click here to view.
This year has been good for sunbathing but bad for archaeology. The ground was burnt solid and was very difficult to dig so we resorted to other amusements. We extended our geophysical survey at King George V playing field, helped at the Albrighton Moat project open day with a demonstration test pit and turned our attention to Wrottesley. A field at Wrottesley Lodge farm showed a crop mark on Google maps. We tried to find it by flying a drone over it, but no luck. Perhaps it was the wrong time of year or the wrong crop (rape).
When the rape had been harvested there was only a 2 to 3 week gap before winter wheat was to be planted so we spent most of August and much of September doing some geophysics of the area. This partially agreed with the crop mark and then dug some trenches.
We found some very interesting features in the trenches but we need independent confirmation before we can say what we have found but we are very excited about it.
12/5/2018 Perton Spring Festival We had a great time at this show. There was a steady flow of people and many of them came to our stand. Thanks to Carole and Peter who helped Jan and me with the stand.
01/07/2018 Albrighton Moat Fair A disused moat was recovered and is now used by the local fishing society. This caters for both able bodied and disabled fishermen. This summer fair included fishing, craft stalls, plant sales and a test pit demonstration by Wolverhampton Archaeology Group.
It was an extremely hot day but we had a lot of interest from the general public and help from the Moat Project staff, especially James who is investigating the history of this site. WE dug in an area which was covered with hard core and it was very hard going but we wanted to be as close to the English Heritage Scheduled Area as we could get. Preliminary findings were: we found a suspected compact surface ? floor, and sone pottery. The Medieval pottery from the original moat is probably much lower that we could dig in the time available.
12/5/2018 Perton Spring Festival We had a great time at this show. There was a steady flow of people and many of them came to our stand. Thanks to Carole and Peter who helped Jan and me with the stand.
06/05/2018 Well we didn't dig at Himley, far too hot so we flew the drone at Wrottesley instead. Lovely field of rape but no sign of any crop marks, Perhaps later in the season.
We had dinner at the monument and discussed how best to record this very complicated structure. Should keep us busy for this year at least.
See it fly|
19/4/2018 Holy Trinity Church, Heath Town is aiming to build a kitchen and toilet area in the west end of the church and run water pipes from the east end. There is known to be an old heating system running under the centre of the church but
it does not go near enough to the required spot.
WAG was asked to help, as we could use archaeological techniques to try to find a suspected other tunnel under the north aisle that would give a more suitable route. The centre tunnel gave distinct readings by gradiomentry which were confirmed with the other techniques. This gave us encouragement that we could find other tunnels. We found a possible tunnel under the north aisle which would be ideal as it would lead straight to the proposed kitchen.
The next day, the man who asked us on behalf of the church, found another tunnel entrance behind a wall next to the the first one. This turned out to follow the first one down the centre aisle, and would explain the reading from the gradiometry that indicated it was extra wide, but based on our work he is sure that there is another, as yet undiscovered one to the right of the first two which is the north aisle tunnel so hopefully, the project can begin.
Investigation work is ongoing.
The picture on the left, courtesy of Holy Trinity Church, shows us looking for a tunnel.
15/4/2018 Test Pit 42. 42 is "The answer to life and everything" also the number of gods whose questions you must answer in the journey to the afterlife according to the
ancient Egyptians.
Thanks to Terry and Jan for the photographs.
Well we didn't find anything much, not the answer to life and everything but it may indicate the northern limit of the village so that is something useful.
8/4/2018 We got the drone up in the air.
A bit easier to fly now we know
how the controls work but need
more practice.

We did not find what we we were looking for.
The crop marks have not appeared yet.
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The Wolverhampton Archaeology Group aims to support and encourage the practice of archaeology in and around the City of Wolverhampton.
There are regular meetings which are detailed under the "events" section and archaeology projects which are undertaken by group members.

WAG Meetings

Please note, meeting dates are for the last Tuesday in the month except where this clashes with half term.

Meetings are held at
The Conference Suite
Wolverhampton College
Paget Road

Time 7.00pm,
Entrance fee £2.00 (non-members).
Contact: Jan on 01902 562568.


Jan 31st. Carole and Peter Griffiths. Thr Lichfield Hetitage Centre

Feb 28th. Paul Garwood. The Trent Valley.

Mar 28th. 3D Phil.

Apr 25th. AGM. Henry Chapman. Bog bodies and sacrifice.

May 23rd. John Hemingway. Dud Dudley.

Jun 27th. Professor Vincent Gaffney. Mapping Doggerland and the Mesolithic Landscape of the Southern North Sea.

July Field Trip/Visits to be arranged.

August Field Trip/Visits to be arranged.

Sep 19th. Robert Beech. Unsung heroes of Medieval Carpentry.

Oct 17th. Derek Thom. I am not an Archaeologist part 2.

Nov 28th. Project Reports

Dec 12th. WAG Christmas meal.


Jan 30th. Prof V Gaffney. Croatia.

Feb 27th. Nick Allsopp. Romans in Pattingham.

Mar 27th. AGM. Carole Griffiths, Orkney and Shetland.

Apr 24th. John Hemingway. William Shenstone's leasowes.

May 22nd. Jon Clatworthy. Fabulous Fossils in the West Midlands.

Jun 26th. Martin Holland. A Miscellany of Archaeology.

July. Field trip to be arranged, possibly Wall and Wroxeter.

August. Summer event to be arranged.

Sep 18th. Craig Denston. A Ghost Walk.

Oct 16th. Graham Worton. The Black Country Geopark.

Nov 27th. Project Reports.

Dec 11th. Christmas meal.

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